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The Inner Gamer Brand Identity


Update! This project took home ADDY awards at AAF 2024
• Silver: Branding
• Silver: Illustration

The Inner Gamer is a podcast for the casual gamer and they host monthly meetups, usually at Maple Branch Brewery here in Fort Worth. Their agenda is to help clear the fog-of-war, so to speak, for the individuals who might not have as much time on their hands as they used to, or gamers who wants to make sure they’re investing time into the right game. For the brand strategy, The Cooper Studio assigned them the brand archetype “Everyman” with a wing “Lover” to speak to the fact that video games can be for everyone because its more about  making authentic human connections than anything else.

Bonus: Check out their podcast and grab some newly branded merchandise while you’re at it:  The Inner Gamer or check out their instagram.

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Visual Identity

primary logo
podcast in session
portfolio shot of inner gamer n64 cartridge and business cards and plasystation 5 controller
lifestyle image of two gamers playing a video game and one wearing an inner gamer shirt
icon set for the inner gamer
pop up banner at Maple Branch Brewery than lets everyone know this is the event for the inner gamer
the inner gamer design badge on a representative background
postcards branded with The Inner Gamer design
business card being held by three people, symbolic to the inner gamer
lifestyle image of podcast for the inner gamer
portfolio studio shot of an n46 with an Inner Gamer sticker on it
abstract illustration of video game hand held console for the inner gamer