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I’m Julia from The Cooper Studio. I’m an artist who uses strategy to create bespoke visual identities. The Cooper Studio exists to illuminate the world with beautiful brands.


branding and design




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The Cooper Studio is a one-stop shop branding partner with many specializations.


branding and design

The Cooper Studio’s primary focus is design and creating visual identity systems supported by a foundation of research and strategy to help you reach an audience. All visual elements should speak to the brand and connect with your consumers. This includes services like concept development, brand strategy, art direction, design, and content creation. 


Web Design

After the Visual Identity is established, time to put it to real world application. That could look like any collateral like business cards, brochures, wayfinding signage, menus, coasters, apparel, but the biggest need usually ends up being in the format of a website or microsite.



This can include headshots, product photography, lifestyle, editorial, or studio shots. Having custom photography makes for a robust brand experience.



Illustration is another tool in my tool box, and could manifest during the design phase or come later in the form of watercolor, oil painting, ink drawing, or digital illustration.

Design Awards

2022Walloon's Restaurant Branding IdentityGold Addy Awards: District & Local
2022Boulevard of Greens Watercolor IllustrationGold Addy Award: Local
Silver Addy Award: District
2022Tulla WebsiteGold Addy Award
2022Jo Latham WebsiteSilver Addy Award
2022Red Productions WebsiteSilver Addy Award
2022Cami Miller MicrositeSilver Addy Award
2020JACA Bomber JacketGold Addy Award
2019Christmas Deck of CardsGold Addy Award
2018Christmas Deck of CardsGold Addy Award
2018Near Southside Branding IdentityGold Addy Award
2017Christmas CardGold Addy Award
2017Near Southside Shindig InvitationGold Addy Award