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An Introduction

I want to do good work that positively impacts the client’s life regardless of it being a simple sticker on a light pole or a billboard seen by thousands. I want to make beautiful brands that people connect with because delightful design can tell a powerful story and make being on this earth a little more worthwhile. Freedom lies within being bold, after all. ​
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Full Capabilities

The Cooper Studio believes that behind every good Visual Identity System is a strategic foundation that targets an audience and understands the competition.
This is the bread and butter of The Cooper Studio. Using design and strategy, the Visual Identity System comes together in the form of colors, typography, supporting elements, and so forth. At this stage, services include concept development, art direction, design, content creation, and if applicable, photography and illustration.
Web design is usually the first step in implementing a new design in the wild, really testing the new visual system to vet through its usage. Services include desktop and mobile design and Google SEO best practices.
Illustration is another tool in the tool box that is utilized to complete a Visual Identity System. Oftentimes this comes into play during the design process before we even get to web design or other collateral pieces. Specialties include oil paint, watercolor, ink, and digital.
Photography is my first love. It is my first degree I received from the University of Texas at Arlington. A well rounded brand has great photography, and this makes The Cooper Studio a one-stop-shop as a design firm.
about the human behind the cooper studio

Julia Elizabeth Cooper

It takes courage, curiosity, and tenacity to get to the heart of design and really understand someone’s brand. At the end of the day, I love to create. I’m an artist and a problem solver. I do what I love for a living. I want to apply that passion to my client’s brands and help them be a driver of change in their own industries. With six years of agency experience at Schaefer Advertising and General Public Branding Co., I’m am a one-stop-shop branding partner, providing design, web, illustration, and photography to clients.

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The Roster

Clients I've Collaborated With

Walloon’s Restaurant
Rev’s Golf Lounge
Vice Burger
The Inner Gamer
Mercado Juarez
Jo Latham
Cami Miller
Paslay Foundation
The Brave Fight
Fort Worth Songwriting Festival
Mardi Gras Near Southside
Functional IV Therapies
Happy K9
Mike Graham
The Lindley
Michelle Blair Komara
Boulevard of Greens
Generations United
Root’s Coffeehouse